Meet Dr. Asa Andrew
America’s Health Coach

Dr. Asa Andrew, universally known as Doctor Asa, serves as the chairman of Asa Global, a cutting-edge media and communications holding company, and the CEO of Asa Media, a comprehensive media agency that collaborates with numerous top Fortune 100 health-centric companies. As a distinguished 3-Time physician (MD, DC, ND) with specialties across multiple disciplines, Doctor Asa wears many hats, including those of an award-winning speaker, professional athlete in his role as the ringside physician in pro wrestling, sports entertainer, film producer, innovative entrepreneur, and #1 international best-selling author. His influence doesn’t stop there: he’s a dedicated philanthropist, a Top 40-ranked talk show host, the nation’s leading health coach strategist, and the visionary creator of an expansive health TV network that captivates an audience of over 300 million people.

Dr. Asa Andrew